April 3, 2009

This Weekend...

While I was procrastinating this afternoon I found this link for the print above and thought it was really cute statement. I always start the weekend out with the best intentions and a list of tasks to get accomplished. On a good weekend I usually get through half of the list. Maybe this weekend will be different...probably not~

1. Check my taxes...write the check and mail...yuck!
2. Grocery Shopping
3. Get eyebrows waxed
4. Laundry and put away
5. Pick up house
6. Mail Easter cards
7. Go to Mom and Dad's on Sunday
8. Get rid of old computer monitor
9. Rotate winter to summer clothes in closet
10. Clean out ref./ freezer/pantry
11. Call Gramma
12 Bake and decorate Easter cookies
13. Return items to stores (I'm bad about trying clothes on before I buy them)
14. Take donations to Goodwill
15. Work on continuing education home study test
16. Put Christmas tree box in storage...this will be done as it has been on the weekend list for months now and has become pathetic since it is almost Easter~


Katy said...

That is a serious list!!! Your blog is so beautiful btw

Stacy said...

Thanks Katy...you are so sweet!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog. Since I never see you it is nice to see what you are up to. I hope you have a happy Easter!