March 30, 2009

My Grandma...

It has been a difficult couple of weeks for me and I was feeling down this weekend with the anticipation of the problems and things I had to face with the week to come. I was thinking and praying and started remembering my Grandma. It is amazing how someone can be gone from your life for over 15 years and I can still miss her so much. I started writing down everything that reminded me of Grandma from childhood and it made me feel a little more positive about life. I really wish I had known her at my age now...there are so many more things I would ask and remember. She had some difficult circumstances in her life and faced many challenges far more important than my daily struggles with this thing or that thing. With everything in life it is all about keeping perspective...that's what I am going to tell myself on a daily basis and keep in mind what is truly important. I thought I would share some images that reminded me of my Grandma and put a smile on my face~

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