August 20, 2009

Commitment issues...

I have been an interior designer for 10 years now. All day long I design spaces for people, pick out fabrics, furniture, accessories, lighting, paint colors etc. When it comes to my own home I am at a total loss and suffer from major design commitment issues. I have been looking for bedding now for over a year...I bought a larger size mattress and as a result needed a new bed skirt. I have been bedskirtless (I don't think that is a word) for over a year...gasp! I have looked far and wide for the perfect bedding and have purchased at least four different duvet covers and shams. All four times I returned the items to the store because they weren't quite right. I finally found my bedding...behold

duvet at the end of the bed and 2 euro shams
You are probably thinking to yourself...why did it take me so long to find perfectly plain white bedding. I can admit it...I suffer from severe design commitment issues...maybe there is some type of therapy for this ailment. The good news is I absolutely love, love, love my simple white bedding...bad news is I still need to find fabric for pillows and a bed skirt as well as a wallpaper for the back of my built-in bookshelves, new accessories for the shelves, a headboard, paint color for the walls. My dad doesn't understand why he can't just come over and paint my room this weekend. What he doesn't understand is now I have 6 paint samples taped to my wall...I must find the perfect shade of blue to paint the walls...hopefully I will be able to post pictures of the new room soon but it might take another year to find that perfect shade of blue...exhausting, I know~

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