May 2, 2009

My favorite architect...

"Who is your favorite architect?" This is a question that one of my co-workers asked me a couple weeks ago. It didn't take me long to answer...Frank Lloyd Wright. During my third year of college I went to meet my friend's family in Springfield, Illinois. We were driving around the town and turned the corner and saw this house...

After asking at the hotel, we discovered it was a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house and it was open to the public for tours. I have always loved tours of homes but when I walked in the front door of this house it was the most inspiring house I had ever seen. It is a large home but it wasn't the size that was impressive it was the thought and planning that went into the design of every room and detail. After that trip, I read everything I could get my hands on about FLW and his buildings. Over the next couple years I was able to see many other Wright buildings and homes in the Midwest. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the details below from some of the places I was able to visit during college~

Unity Temple, Oak Park Illinois (stained glass ceiling)

Samara, West Lafayette, Indiana (copper gutters and gardens)

FLW Home and Studio, Oak Park, Illinois (front entry door)

Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, Michigan (fireplace detail)


Sarah said...

Sorry we keep missing phone calls.

Elizabeth said...

I live only a few minutes from Fallingwater.It is magnificent!He is one of my all time favorites. You know,like if you had three people,living or dead, to a dinner party kinda favorite!